Gangabal Lake

Gangabal Lake, also known as Gangbal Lake, is a serene water body, nestled in the foothills of the Harmukh Mountain. Situated at an elevation of about 3600 metres, this high-altitude lake is about 2.5 km long and a kilometre wide.

Water from rain, springs and melting glaciers feeds this lake, which is the origin of Wangath – a tributary of the Sindh River. It serves as a habitat for different varieties of freshwater fish, especially brown trout.

This lake is referred to as Harmukut Ganga by Hindus and is regarded as sacred as the holy city of Haridwar. In order to preserve their culture and religious heritage, Kashmiri Pandits organise a traditional pilgrimage at this site.

Falling in the month of September every year, the yatra continues for three days. To reach this lake, visitors can take a horse ride or an arduous uphill trek that commences at Sonamarg and other nearby hamlets.